The President's First 100 Days, Hit The Ground Running

Hit the Ground Running – What Does it Mean?

To begin a venture with great energy, involvement, and competence.

To immediately work very hard and successfully at a new activity. “If elected, they promise to hit the ground running in their first few weeks of office.”

To be ready to work immediately on a new activity. “Their previous experience will allow them to hit the ground running when they take office in the chamber, association or society.”

Traction or Slippage

The intent is to give you enough information that you’ll start the year with traction.

Your plans, aims and ideas will be solidly planted on the ground and others will quickly notice you as a president who intends to advance the organization.

The opposite is slippage. If you put it off, you’ll try to prepare after the installation in your first of second month. You might inform others that you didn’t have time for the first meeting, you’ll make committee appointments in a month or so, you have no clear plan of work, etc. Well, if you meet quarterly, you’ve slipped behind by three months.

We designed this guide to provide you with traction at the start of your term and plenty of momentum to last the year. Download it here at

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