Michigan Veterinary Medical Association Executive Search

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July 26, 2018
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Michigan Veterinary Medical Association Executive Search

Seeking Full-Time Chief Executive Officer

Michigan Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA)

Compensation:  Flexible and commensurate with experience and qualifications

Benefits: Competitive benefits including healthcare, medical reimbursement plan, retirement plan contributions and cell phone allowance

Budget:   $1.2 million

Location: Okemos, MI

Application Deadline: October 26, 2018

Send Cover Letter, Resume and Salary Requirements to Recruitment@AssociationOptions.com 


The Michigan Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) and the Michigan Animal Health Foundation (MAHF), with the support of Association Options, is recruiting and evaluating candidates for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


About MVMA

The Michigan Veterinary Medical Association has advanced the standard of veterinary care statewide since 1883. MVMA monitors state legislation and regulations that pertain to veterinary medicine, produces programs to educate the public about veterinary medicine and animal health care, and keeps members current on state veterinary issues. The association also provides continuing education for veterinarians and related professionals.  It serves as a resource for information on the practice of veterinary medicine to both members and the public, including assistance with referrals.

MVMA Vision

Safe and healthy Michigan for animals, veterinarians and the public through a progressive, responsive, trusted and unified association.

MVMA Mission

One voice promoting professional excellence in veterinary medicine & advancing animal well-being & public health.

MVMA Believes In:

  • Delivering compassionate, empathetic and ethical care
  • Protecting and advancing the health and welfare of animals and the public
  • Promoting a trusted profession through a strong, diverse and inclusive association
  • Providing personal and professional service, solutions and support to our members
  • Elevating the profession through relevant, progressive and quality continuing education and dynamic resources

2018 Strategic Goals

  • Member Value and Growth– Increase member value and stimulate membership growth and diversity by delivering exceptional benefits, new ways of engagement and services that meet the needs of DVM’s in all stages of their careers.


  • Continuing Education– Deliver exceptional, accessible and innovative continuing education to raise the standard of care and professionalism.


  • Public Awareness– Establish veterinarians as the leading authority on animal health and well-being in Michigan through focused public education and outreach.


  • Advocacy –Advocate for higher standards of care in the veterinary profession, influence legislation impacting Michigan DVM’s. 



About the MAHF

Founded in 1969 by the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, the Michigan Animal Health Foundation (MAHF) was created to allow those who love animals an opportunity to donate money to assist in improving animal health and well-being through tax-exempt contributions. MAHF provides grants to those working on research and educational projects that help animals to have longer, better, and healthier lives and advance the practice of medicine.

Position Description

The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for overseeing the operations and activities of the Association and the Foundation and maintaining effective staff performance to assure the attainment of the Association’s and Foundation’s mission and goals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Within the limits of MVMA’s policies and bylaws, the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for, and has commensurate authority to accomplish, the following duties and responsibilities. The Chief Executive Officer may delegate portions of his/her responsibilities consistent with sound operations and staff competency, together with proportionate authority for their fulfillment. However, she/he may not delegate nor relinquish any portion of his/her accountability for results.

Organizational Leadership

  • Implement the strategic goals and objectives of the association and the foundation.
  • Give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the association’s and foundation’s missions, strategies, goals and objectives.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the association and the foundation; provide oversight and guidance to all programs and staff.
  • Provide oversight and supervision of the staff including monitoring staff performance, staff hiring/firing and ensuring an adequate staffing plan.
  • Ensure a growth-oriented, skill-centered environment in which staff grows and further develops skills helpful to meeting the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Utilize and implement proven, sound association management practices to ensure the organization follows applicable state and national rules and policies governing non-profit associations.

Membership & Member Services

  • Working with the Board, ensure membership services are robust and responsive to meet the variety of needs of the members.
  • Have programs and policies in place to attract new members and incentivize current members renew.
  • Maintain a roster of members within the MVMA membership database.
  • Ensure timely response to member emails and phone inquiries.

Financial Management

  • In cooperation with the President and Executive Committee, and utilizing the services of an accounting firm, oversee the financial management and records of the association. This includes the preparation of an annual budget with three-year projections and reports that are required by governmental agencies in accordance with federal and state laws and coordination of an audit, working with an audit firm, every three years.
  • Maintain appropriate insurance coverages, association policies and legal documents.
  • Work with an investment consultant to maximize returns to MVMA and MAHF while minimizing risk.
  • Maintain appropriate reporting for MAHF monies and donations including the Companion Animal Fund.
  • Solicits donations for MAHF through written and verbal channels.

Education & Meetings

  • Plan and coordinate all aspects of MVMA’s meetings, conferences and events including but not limited to the Small Animal Series Seminar, Wet Labs, Great Lakes Veterinary Conference, Power of Ten Leadership Academy, and the Michigan Veterinary Conference. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    • Working with respective program committees on program development and speaker management
    • Generate promotional content
    • Responsible for all outside contract negotiations to include hotels, meeting facilities, decorator, logistics, registration, staffing, security, food and beverage and general meeting management.


  • Draft copy for articles and promotions for MVMA publications including The Michigan Veterinarian, e-Newsletters, and Member Alerts.
  • Solicit additional articles for MVMA publications from key contributors.
  • Oversee contracted designer and responsible for overall publication quality.
  • Draft copy for MVMA and MAHF websites.
  • Draft promotional information for all MAHF programs including educational grants, research grants and the companion animal fund

 Liaison Responsibilities

  • Maintaining a working relationship with federal, state and private agencies that have an interest in veterinary medicine.
  • Serve as the professional liaison to ensure strong relations are established and maintained between MVMA and other local associations, the AVMA, and other state-based organizations.
  • Serve as the liaison between the general public, the media and the association, communicating the Association’s positions and policies as defined by the Board.
  • Attend and represent MVMA at various national, regional and local meetings and events. Includes approximately six events requiring travel.


  • Work in consort with MVMA’s legislative consultants to achieve the legislative objectives of the association. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
  • Reviewing proposed state legislation that may affect veterinary medicine and notifying appropriate committees of proposed legislation, and where appropriate, develop an association position.
  • Initiating legislation as directed by the Board.
  • Arranging for members of the Association, and personally when indicated, to testify at legislative hearings on bills that relate to veterinary medicine.
  • Assisting in developing an effective, on-going, legislative liaison that will result in a group of state legislators and Michigan congress members who are well informed about veterinary medical affairs.
  • With advice from MVMA’s legislative consultant, direct the activities of Vet-Pac.
  • Assist with the organization and maintenance of a grassroots-lobbying network.

 Board and Volunteer Engagement

  • Ensure that the MVMA Board and MAHF Board of Trustees is kept fully informed on the activities and operations including proactive communication around progress towards strategic goals and financial performance.
  • Manage and distribute Board meeting agendas as set by the President; obtain necessary reports and ensure Board members have all materials in sufficient time prior to meeting.
  • Oversight of governance training and best practices.
  • Execute and implement all decisions of the Board.
  • Proactively bring ideas for service and program improvements to the Board.
  • Provide appropriate staff liaisons to committees and provide authority to staff members to enable them to properly perform their liaison functions; provide Committee Chairs with the necessary support and assistance.

Chief Executive Officer Profile

The ideal candidate for this position will be an effective, adaptable and visionary leader able to understand and address the varying needs of MVMA’s diverse membership. She or he will bring a variety of experiences and attributes to the Association including:

  • Proven ability to lead and manage as evidenced by organizational growth from past association, agency, organization or company leadership experience.
  • Ability to build and cultivate strong relationships with various constituencies.
  • Excellent and effective communication skills including the ability to articulate the value of MVMA to its diverse members and external stakeholders.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to lead and direct diverse groups of individuals in carrying out the Board’s strategic vision.
  • Respectful, honest, transparent, and ethical leadership style; strong moral compass.
  • Ability to build, lead and motivate an effective management team.
  • Insight and vision in identifying and anticipating trends in veterinary medicine.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the veterinary profession and/or proven association management experience


The Chief Executive Officer is committed to MVMA’s mission and vision and should have an authentic interest in promoting a safe and healthy Michigan for animals, veterinarians and the public.  Concrete demonstrable experience and other qualifications should include:


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher;
  • Meeting management experience;
  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people;
  • Comfortable speaking in front of professional groups;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator;
  • The ability to think strategically and critically, synthesize complex issues and information, and manage change;
  • Ability to plan organization-wide activities (setting objectives, developing strategies, budgeting, and organizing the functions necessary to accomplish the activities);
  • Minimum of 5 years of management experience;
  • Financial Management experience, including budget preparation and implementation;
  • In-depth knowledge of the management process, especially as it applies to growth and long-term planning;


  • Has served as a CEO, Executive Director or Chief Staff Executive of a non-profit or for-profit organization;
  • Experience maintaining a presence with the public and elected officials;
  • Holds CAE (Certified Association Executive);
  • Veterinary nonprofit or related association management experience;
  • Proven track record of working successfully with a Board;
  • A record in growing organizations from a revenue and value perspective;
  • Has managed or lead a team of 3+;
  • Fundraising experience;
  • Advanced degree, ideally MBA, MPA or similar;
  • Successful track record in securing sponsorships and grants, and in building partnerships with sponsors and industry contacts.


Send cover letter, resume and salary requirements by October 26, 2018 to the search firm, c/o Stacey Barnes at Recruitment@AssociationOptions.com. If these items are not provided in their entirety by the deadline, your submission will not be considered.


William Pawlucy
William Pawlucy
Bill Pawlucy, MPA, CAE, IOM, is founder of Association Options, Inc. a company that focuses on practical strategic planning (corporate and nonprofit), management assessments, Baldrige Award process implementation, AMC search and evaluation, facilitation, and governance modeling. He is also the executive director of the International Association of Interviewers and is an appointee to the U.S. Department of Commerce Board of Examiners for the Baldrige Presidential Award.