August 7, 2013
Strategic Planning for NonProfits
August 7, 2013
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The need to conduct an executive search for a new executive director or chief staff officer is never planned and often occurs due to performance or retirement/new opportunities.  Association Options’ executive recruitment serve takes the burden away from the board in managing the process and allows it to concentrate on hiring the right candidate.  The following is our commitment to you:

Initiate the executive recruitment search process through our trained experts (executive recruitment)

Work with the board on the attributes of the candidate (fit is as important as qualifications)

Develop a job description that accurately captures the ideal candidate (dive deep into the needs of the position)

Utilize Association Options own network of potential candidates to weed out unqualified talent (list of local and regional resources are used)

Solicit resumes and work with our own pool of candidates to indentify a set of professionals that meet the job descriptions needs

Work to identify Certified Association Executive candidates if that is a designation desired by your organization (recommended)

Manage all interviews (both live and via phone)

Customize a “day in the office” to provide a good perspective on the candidate over a half-day session (highly recommended)

Summarize all candidates and provide a thorough and unbiased review process

We guarantee the candidate or we conduct another search for no additional fee (100% satisfaction guaranteed)

William Pawlucy
William Pawlucy
Bill Pawlucy, MPA, CAE, IOM, is founder of Association Options, Inc. a company that focuses on practical strategic planning (corporate and nonprofit), management assessments, Baldrige Award process implementation, AMC search and evaluation, facilitation, and governance modeling. He is also the executive director of the International Association of Interviewers and is an appointee to the U.S. Department of Commerce Board of Examiners for the Baldrige Presidential Award.